And in to Glacier!

I had two young people in my midst, so it seemed apropos to feed them bacon and eggs for breakfast.

It took too long to get out of camp. My guests washed dishes at the campground-approved dish washing area. I was going to shower while the dishes were getting done, but the only shower was up in the campground.

We headed to Glacier. In the little village on the edge of the park I bought ice, and coffee for Little Bird, but there was no Diet Coke fountain.

The main road through Glacier National Park is called the Going to the Sun Road. We did that. It was pretty darn cool. They’re doing major construction on it. In only another five years it should be finished. By then, the glaciers will all be gone. It was a pretty cool road, indeed. We stopped along the way for photos.

The water in Glacier is amazingly clear.

We made camp at St. Mary’s. $23 seems like a lot for a USNP campground, but I went ahead and booked two days.

There were five kids in the 6-9 age range next door. One had road rash from wrecking a bike and cried a lot. A couple of the kids came over and offered that their dad was “bad” and that they’d been staying with her grandparents until they could find a better place. They had spent the maximum-allowed 14 days in the park and would have to be moving on. They were indeed gone before I poked my head out of Walden the next morning.

I made some tasty pasta for dinner. It involved onions, some sausages, and a can of Rotelle. After dinner we stared a fire and I threw in some potatoes wrapped in foil.

You can see some more Glacier pictures here.

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