Ah, Bell Buckle

This one’s a bit out of order since it took me forever to get the pictures posted and whatnot. I’m not sure how the whole week escaped without my finding time to post. Apparently doing nothing takes up a lot of time.

A week after they took the furniture I was finally ready to leave Knoxville. I’d originally planned to head straight to Pawley’s Island to visit a friend of a friend who added it as a destination. It’s a friend of a friend and an email address was provided. I’ve never been to Pawley’s and don’t know the folks, so it seemed more adventurous than staying at friend’s houses in Knoxville or parking where my house used to be.

I changed those plans, though, as there was a party in Bell Buckle, TN that I thought I needed to attend. It was a Bon Voyage Party, strangely, not for me (I thought it was all about me!), but the hosts are about to embark on a cruise with a bunch of people dressed as rodents.


Predictably, I got out of Knoxville later than I’d predicted, but gained an hour due to crossing into another time zone. My friend whom made it possible for me to get moved out and provided me with a nice place to stay for most of the week went with me. There is no good way to get to Bell Buckle. I’d heard that there was some advantage to going though McMinnville, so I told Google to take me there and once I got sort of close told it to get us to Bell Buckle. I don’t know whether it was shorter, but it was a nice drive through east Tennessee’s rolling hills. At one point we saw this bull with HUGE horns. How large were they? They were so large that we turned around and took some pictures.

That bull has big horns, if you know what I mean

I was tasked with representing Portugal for this party, so cook some sausage. I bought it in Alabama, but claimed that it was Portuguese. I pulled my sweet 4-burner stove from under the back seat and tried out the adapter that lets me fuel it with a small bottle of propane rather than the huge one that you might have under your grill. It leaked. I need to buy a wrench to tighten the thing up. I also have a hose that will let me fuel the stove from the camper’s main propane tank, but I couldn’t find it. Yes, I have three stoves in my camper. The built-in one, a small butane one, and this beauty.

See how tasty it looks? After this everyone wanted to go to Portugal. Later in the evening, I poured some Port which really was made in Portugal. It was quite tasty.


I gave tours of Walden during the party. Here a group is peering in as if I were a zoo animal. Such is life living in a van.


This isn’t the first party I’ve been to that featured belly dancing. At some point in the past I recounted such to my therapist betwixt my whining about how depressed I was, she said “You have a great life.”


Here is a group of girls who were very entertained by a story I was telling. Oh, no, wait. They were looking at the belly dancer. At about this time I had Thor tethered to a table and ran off to look for a cable to connect the belly dancer’s iPod to my PA. Thor pooped right there on the patio. Our host graciously cleaned up the poop while I tried unsuccessfully to get the iPod connected to my PA. I need to get a 1/8″ to 1/4″ stereo adapter. Sorry. I don’t have a picture of the poop.

belly dancers in training

I also pulled out the amp (not pictured), mic stand, and the semi-burned Martin and played a few tunes. I drew a smaller crow than the belly dancer. Perhaps I should have bared my belly.


Here is a young child who was very intent on chasing Thor.

fetching thor

Can’t see? OK, here:


If you haven’t been to Bell Buckle, you should check it out. It’s a lovely little town. We were going to eat at the cafe pictured below, but there was an hour wait! We opted for pizza from the rippy mart and ate it on the ground under a tree.

bell buckle

I had intended to spend only one night in the Buckle, but my Knoxville friends didn’t leave until something like 4PM so I opted for another night in Bell Buckle since I didn’t want to set out to Atlanta so late (good thing since I had to stop to have a fuel filter installed).

Robert, my host, graciously included me in dinner that night. He made pasta sauce and upon finding that he had no spaghetti or other such pasta commonly served on places with sauce, cooked up some lasagna noodles. It was quite good. And the lasagna noodles were sort of fun.

They invited me to stay in an actual bed, in the house, but I opted to sleep out in the camper with Thor. We slept well.

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  1. mare in atl says:

    Good time with good people. The vortex of BB can exert all kinds of delays in leaving. Next time you are thru ATL, I can provide guide services and a meal. The cat in the house says you would be welcome but Thor might have to stay outside….. I think the Allison / Anderson clan will vouch for me if you need references….

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