A Temporary End to the Journey

The Monday before Thanksgiving, I left New Orleans. I bid my dear friend farewell as she went off to work. Central Grocery was still closed, so I went to a local supermarket and bought three of them there.

It was still pretty early, so I thought I’d hit Cafe du Monde. I’m not a huge fan of coffee, but who doesn’t like fried dough? I found a parking place nearby and got a table without a wait. It was a little chilly and a little rainy, so that probably made things easier.


Here’s what you really want to see.

Dough, close

I was right at the edge of the patio and thus got a good view of the guy playing trumpet. It’s a good town, New Orleans.


By 9:30 I was on the road, and made it to Bham by 3:30. That’s darned good time for Walden, darn near 60MPH.

Back in Birmingham, I was excited to share my delicious sandwiches, but my 6 and 9 year old first-cousins-once-removed were not interested. The rest of us enjoyed them, though.

And here in Birmingham, gentle reader, was pretty much the end to my travels, for a short while, at least. For the next couple months, I hung out in Birmingham and Knoxville, couch surfing pretty much all the time, and more often than not, the “couch” was a comfortable bed in my own room with high thread-count sheets.

Since I’m so far behind in posts, though, the trip will be starting up again Real Soon Now. In the next week or so I’ll head to Florida. I’d intended to hit Key West, but with a scant three weeks for the trip, I might instead just go to the panhandle where I have a free place to stay. I won’t be living in a van, but I hope to keep having interesting interactions to report.

In the near term, I’ll try to return to once-a-day posts, but they will be more about reflections on living in a van than on reporting events as they happened.

Thanks so much for your attention. According to Google, about one thousand people look at this site each week. I’d like to double that, so if you see a post that you liked, please consider “liking” or re-posting it on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. I’m not entirely committed to the notion yet but I am working on figuring out how I might organize the 120K words I have so far into something that might be worth reading straight through.

If you missed the photos from the previous NOLA post, here there are.

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  1. mike says:

    Can’t wait for the new leg of yur journey…..

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