A New Time-Space Continuum

For a long while I thought it made sense to have the blog post dates reflect the date of the story that I was posting. I made the decision at first because I thought that it made more sense for me to post something that had been read and perhaps even edited before I posted it. A good story a few days (which ended up being weeks) later, was better than a bad story posted in the heat of the moment. I am proud to say that most people who read these stories don’t really care where I am, instead they find these words worth reading for the sake of the words, not for me. This plan worked pretty well while The Trip was underway, but since Thanksgiving I have not done much that is interesting, at least in the way of travel, and I have fallen even further behind in telling these stories.

My plan is to start writing more about things that I have learned while being on the road rather than about the travels themselves, (though I still have a couple stories from the road left to tell). For example, I would like to ponder more deeply lessons I have learned about life and travel from the people I have met along the way without revealing things about them that I consider private.

With this entry, I will return to posting things with the date of the post rather than the date of the event. In the coming days I’ll post about the hobos, my plans to go to Key West, an idea to earn some actual income, and how I decided that spending only one week in Ecuador was a bad idea.

Because people like pictures. Here is one of me and Chris playing guitar at my pea party, held at my lot in Knoxville. More about that later.

Two Men, two guitars

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