A lot to accomplish before lunch

When we arrived on that morning’s island, there were forty or so sea lions on the beach. Still not tired of these creatures, I got this picture of an oh-so-cute adolescent.

I caught this shot of this male and female lizard together (I would learn in a day or two that it is not hard to find males and females together). Our guide explained that with lizards, as with people, it is the female who is much better looking.

We saw dozens of land iguanas on this island. They were mostly just sunning themselves and uninterested in moving. This is a photographer’s dream, as the iguanas were essentially posing motionless with apparently infinite patience. They were not really being patient, though, they were just quite content sitting where they were and did not care whether I was there with my camera.

I also got pretty close to this stork just at the edge of the shore. Unconcerned with me or my needs, he too just sat still while I contrived to get that black rock behind him to get better contrast. That night as I was playing guitar on the sun deck we heard a splash down below; a stork had landed right beside the ship. For about five minutes we watched as he ate, periodically just barely taking off, getting just a few inches above the water, and flying just fifteen yards or so before crashing down to fill his beak again. It was a pretty magical way to end the day.

After we returned from the hike we had to go change for a deep water scuba trip. Deep water means that we jumped out of the boat in water too deep to stand in and spent close to an hour swimming around an island looking at fishes. There was a boat nearby at all times for people who got tired, or freaked out, or whatever. I felt like I was in a Jacques Cousteau episode. I saw parrot fish, a sea turtle, a skate, and a whole bunch of other fish. The previous day’s practice diving came in handy too, as I was able to dive down and swim with schools of large colorful fish. I could reach my hand out and when I got an inch or two away they would bother to swim out of my reach. My dives also brought compliments from my co-swimmers. You will have to take my word, as none of my photographic equipment was suitable for underwater excursions.

And that was just the morning.

Oh. More pics are available.

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  1. Hi Jay,
    I love these photos. I think what you called a stork in the picture above looks like a pelican, to me.

    Also, I have another FB friend who lives in her van. She is a photographer and her name is Sue Culig.

    How could I be so lucky? Two friends who live in their vans.


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