A Dinner Party in Thermopolis

I really liked my campsite in the Bighorn Forest, and considered hanging out there another day, but decided to roll on.

Before I left, I chatted with the guy next door. He was there with his daughter doing some fishing. As it turned out, his girlfriend bought a Westy a while ago. As many people do, she decided that she had to have one and found one that was some hours away. He made fun her for doing so, but after he saw it, is totally into it. He took a picture of me and Walden to share with her.

It was cold in the morning. I didn’t make breakfast. It rained. I left at about 9:00.

Around mid-day I made it to Thermopolis. They have a water park for $10. It has a bunch of slides and such and some hot spring-fed pools. The same park also has a free public bath. It’s awesome.

At the door, you sign in on a piece of paper. You put your name, home town, what time you went in, and whether you are going to the indoor bath or the outdoor bath. The attendant said that the outdoor bath was better. Indeed, no one was in the inside bath. There is a twenty minute limit. The limit starts not when you sign in, but when you get in the pool. There are showers, and you are encouraged to shower before entering the bath.


I considered getting further down the road, but stopped at Stopped at the Eagle RV park on the edge of town. They had wifi and power for $31.15. The power didn’t work at the spot they sent me to and I ended up parked sort of in the driveway where I still had power, and the spot was only $20. I saved $11.15. Lovely.

I noticed a couple sitting outside their RV drinking wine. This seemed like an invitation to me, so I poured a beer and went to say hello. We talked about the advantages of various campers. They were in a big rig, a 45 footer, maybe, they said that they would be happy to downsize. She said that they get 6 miles to the gallon. He was quick to point out that no, they get 6.7 miles per gallon. When you’re talking about 6 miles to the gallon, that 0.7 is more than a 10% difference.

Before long there was another car parked in my driveway and they had set up a tent in a little patch of grass. I went over to say hello, since they were obviously fans of saving a buck like I was. We hit it off, and I joined the family for the next 18 hours. Catie and Clint had been married five weeks earlier and were on a 10 day camping trip with her father Bob. She was quick to point that this was not a honeymoon.

We decided to make dinner, and Catie and I went grocery shopping together, which was lots of fun. We bought steaks and potatoes and broccoli. The guys cooked the steaks. Catie made some awesome potatoes on a huge electric griddle. I made broccoli and onions with butter and lemon juice. It was quite a hit. Who knew that broccoli could be so good? Certainly not I.

More Thermopolis Pics

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2 Responses to A Dinner Party in Thermopolis

  1. GBK Gwyneth says:


    We took Evie, our VW “Weekender” poptop, on a trip similar to yours this past summer and also spent a night at Eagle RV after enjoying the hot springs (though with kids along, we went for one of the commercial places with slides).

    We also had a very small slip of a spot between two cabins. We barely fit, but the price was right.

    For 38 days, the four of us traveled and slept in our EuroVan, except for the few days that she had to go into the shop in Jackson, WY… such is life in a VW van, I guess :)

  2. pfaffman says:

    A Eurovan. As I go over these mountains I dream about having a few more horsepower. I met a guy the other day who’s Eurovan Westy is named “Frodo 6.” He says that each successive generation is a significant improvement. Nonetheless, I’m pretty happy with Walden on most days.

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